Cat and bear friends for 7-years after both left orphaned

The Wildlife Images sanctuary has one of the most heartwarming and most unusual stories to tell.

After both the Grizzly bear and the Tabby cat were left orphaned they found consolation in each other’s company. No matter how surprising it sounds, the unusual friendship happened in front of the eyes of the caretakers who wanted to share it with the rest of the world.

Grizzly’s mother was hit by a train when he was just a cub, while Tabby was left all by her self when she was just a couple of weeks old.

The two best friends are now inseparable and spend their days together, running around and even sharing their food. It is amazing how an animal so big like this bear can be so gentle with the tiny cat. He even lifts her with his mouth the way mothers do with their children, that’s how affectionate he is.

Take a look at the unexpected friendship that left thousands of people stunned.

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